Johnson Paint Protection Film Authorized Distributor in UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia

Johnson Paint Protection Film

Johnson Paint Protection Film

This product has a proprietary scratch-resistant, high-gloss, virtually self-healing top coat on 6 mil transparent aliphatic polyurethane; designed for application on painted vehicle surfaces. This top coat eliminates fine scratches over time, while the scratch resistant properties result in clean and clear installations. JPP offers superior paint protection from such items as road salt, gravel and other small flying objects. The film will help keep the vehicle   s paint looking showroom quality with standard maintenance. This product is stain resistant to many substances encountered during daily driving or when performing necessary maintenance. Stains should be cleaned off as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. There is no visual change to the film when exposed to the following substances for short periods of time, gasoline, motor oil, diesel fuel, transmission fluid, kerosene, tree sap and bird droppings. Apply to high-impact areas of your vehicle like rocker panels, side mirrors, door edges, wheel wells, trunk lids, bumpers and hoods to protect from damage. As with all of our products prior to release we have had this product subjected to various destructive field tests and generally accepted industry test methods, contact your representative to receive more on the test methods and results.

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